Aaron Donald wants to be blocked one-on-one


Last Thursday, Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald seemed to joke about his desire that he not be double-teamed by opposing offenses. This Thursday, Donald made one thing clear: It’s no joke.

“I wish people could just not worry about me and just let me play,” Donald said last week. “Don’t give me no attention. You ain’t got to slide, you ain’t got to double-team me, you don’t have to do nothing. Let’s all play football fair, get some one-on-ones and let’s just do what we’ve got to do. That’s all I want.”

He was laughing as he said those things last week. When asked today about what seemed to be facetious remarks, Donald explained that he wasn’t kidding around.

“I wasn’t joking when I said that,” Donald told reporters. “I wish I was. You’re still going to get attention and guys still slide the protection and do certain things to try to slow you down. You just have got to take advantage of certain opportunities that I’m going to get. If I get a one-on-one, I’ve got to win it and that’s what I’m here for. That’s my job, is to continue to be productive and take advantage of the one-on-ones and make plays. I don’t know what the game plan is for [the offense]. Hopefully they ain’t got to worry about me. They just block one-on-one and see what happens.”

Everyone knows what will happen if anyone tries to block Donald one-on-one. Which is why Donald would like to see it happen. And which is why it won’t.