SteelSeries supersizes its new RGB mousepads


I have no qualms with oversized pads but in this day and age of advanced mouse sensors, I’d challenge whether or not you truly even need a mousepad at all. I personally haven’t used one in probably close to a decade. Instead, I simply rely on the surface of my desk to double as my “mousepad.” Everyone’s situation is different and your mileage and preference will vary, but it’s at least worth considering, especially if you are averse to spending $150 on a mousepad.
Oversized mousepads have been around for ages, but SteelSeries’ latest is on a whole new level of insanity.

The all-consuming QcK 5XL measures an absurd 1600 mm x 800 mm, or 63 inches x 31.5 inches. A twin size mattress, for comparison, is 75 inches x 38 inches (and can probably be had for less money). Fortunately, there’s an entire range of sizes from 5XL down to small, which is 9.8 inches x 8.2 inches.

The QcK cloth gaming mousepad can be configured with or without dual-zone RGB lighting. The latter version with lighting is dubbed the Prism line and of course, commands a higher price.

The QcK Prism 5XL cloth mousepad, for example, will set you back a cool $149.99 while the non-LED variant goes for $99.99.

The other challenge I see with such a large pad is getting the right size. If it’s too large, it’s going to hang over the edge of your desk. Too small, and it’s probably going to fall short of the aesthetic you are going for.